mercredi 31 mars 2010

The GazettE "NEXT SCENE" New Single And Live Tour 2010

WOOOOOOT! new single of Gazette + live tour!! =D yayz! Thanks To Kanhoa and Edoh's pew pew blog for the link and info =D

mardi 30 mars 2010

Show Me Your Genitals

Do so, now. ===>(Essuie-tout)<===


=) Nice song + Pv, I love screw!!

X JAPAN - The Last Song (1997.12.31)

My favorite song by them last live with hide!

X-Japan - I.V

I tell you, to walk away... Oh god, Hide! hehe :P I'm glad Sugizo is the 6th member of X-JAPAN! I hope to see their new pvs soon (they filmed 4 pvs in Hollywood in January) anyway, enjoy this song, used as Saw 4 ending (all versions, thanks to Teddy-M for the info)!

CELLT - Hakanai inori, namida ni sabite [PV]

Oufff, introducing CELLT! To yall. Yeah I love this band, really soft song and nice to listen to =) Too bad they disband, it was one of my favorite band!

lundi 29 mars 2010

Everyday Normal Guy

HAHA! My blog wouldn't be complete without JON LAJOIE! he's epic. Steve as well.

Matenrou Opera - alkaloid showcase

First PV by them! Ex Jeniva members, love this band, enjoy!

Matenrou Opera - "COCOON"

One of my favorite song by Matenrou Opera, Calling you! I'm calling you! =) Sono's voice is amazing...

Matenrou Opera - Murder Scope PV

Lastest song by Matenrou Opera, I prefer Cocoon to this song, but it's still awesome and sono's voice is awesome as always. Still it looks too much like their old songgs but that's why we like them =D

Matenrou Opera - Anomie

One of my favorite song of them off the album Anomie and second PV by them, enjoy =)

Bis - Days

RIP Shunsuke =( You will be remembered! but hey, here's my favorite song by them! as an homage to you!

dimanche 28 mars 2010

Pierre Billon - La Bamba Triste

J'me senssss! DÉFINITIVEMENT Comme une Bamba triste!! LE CHUCK NORRIS FRANÇAIS!

Tout tout tout partout par Dany-Daniel Gabriel

Hommage à Trotsky-King pour m'avoir fait découvrir ce grand artiste!

King K. Rool Theme on Guitar - DKC - Daniel Tidwell

Woooot! I loved this game xD Go Daniel!!!!

The Dark Messenger on Guitar - FF9 Theme - Trance Kuja

God I love this song xD and David made it more awesome than it was!! Thanks to Mister-M for making me discover this great guitarist!

Fate of 東方 Touhou Metal by sound skt and Taka

Taka is from CROW'SCLAW, this band is amazing, and this song rocks! Thank to Mister-M for this link =)

Gackt - Last Song - LIVE

I love the live of this song... it's so touching, despite the fact that it's a really sad song it gives hope for being happy, truely, one day. =)

Kamelot - "The Human Stain"

Une belle chanson sur la vie et sa complexité ainsi que sur le temps qui nous dépasse, conception humaine. Nous ne prenons pas toujours le temps de vivre nos moments =)

AFI - Miss Murder

''Hey miss murder can I, make beauty stay if I take my life?'' Ya. You can take your life right back into your hands =)

AFI - Girl's Not Grey

One of the song I listened the most to in my whole life. xD such a nice song and band! Please, enjoy =)

Le Gars d'la Compagnie des Cowboys Fringants

Pour Billel =D tu voulais du Québécois? Voilà =) Un très bon band!

Metronomy 'Radio Ladio'

XD this band is awesome =D thanks to ENIS for showing me it :D

samedi 27 mars 2010

Metronomy - Black Eye/Burnt Thumb

Un groupe assez particulier, c'est fucking bon! Expérimentale =O

Galneryus - Shiver - Live (HQ)

''I want to get close to your side, Out in the night I'm looking for you and believe there is no future''.... =D I love those lines! I like this song and I miss Yama-B... I hope they'll release some new stuff with Matasoshi soon enough!

Galneryus - Silent Revelation [HD]

Silent revelation? HELL YEAH! ENJOY!!!!!!

Lycaon - PlugintheSoket HQ PV

Some new pv By Lycaon, I like this band :P Hope you'll like it! Thanks Masa for the upload =)

And [ アンド ] - Rengoku [ 煉獄] HQ PV

REUP parce que l'autre a été deleté, je ne connais pas encore super gros le groupe, mais j'aime bien =) Un mélange du gazette, diru pis deluhi.

vendredi 26 mars 2010

- Supertramp - The Logical Song,

:) La chanson préférée de ma maman :D

SUPERTRAMP - dreamer (studio) 1974

=) A classic!

Atreyu - "Right Side of the Bed"

Good memories =D

Sum 41 Makes No Difference HD

woot! I love this song xD even if it's simple music I still find this awesome :) bring back so much memories!! ENJOY!

Sum 41 - Pieces

The perfect lie... because... as nofx said : LIES ARE SIMPLE, SIMPLE IS BLISS! A great disillusion =)

AFI - Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)

=) I will always remember this song deep inside my heart

AFI - Just Like Heaven [live]

Find myself alone alone alone... and took the only girl I love... You just like heaven =) Kinda sad but I love it!

AFI - Beautiful Thieves

Another new PV by AFI off their new album CRASH LOVE! :)

AFI - Medicate

I love this song and the solo, enjoy!

NoFX - "Seeing Double at The Triple Rock"

God this video is funny XD I love nofx :P

Closer Than Close - Bee Gees [One Night Only]

Wooot! Got a trip of Bee Gees this morning :P Remind me of my childhood :P while dancing and singing to their songs =D

mardi 23 mars 2010


I didn't expect this one to come out so fast, here it is guy enjoy!!!!!!

01. revolver blast
02. remember the rain
03. fto

Credits : Byou, Masamune and Edoh's Pew pew blog

Arch Enemy : RAWR & Un-sorti

RAWR! that's all.

Angela Gossow :P (singer of Arch Enemy)
  1. "Starbreaker"
  2. "Aces High"
  3. "Scream of Anger"
  4. "Diva Satanica"
  5. "Fields of Desolation '99"
  6. "Damnation's Way"
  7. "Hydra"
Credits : Hitsugi14
For : Soto & clowns

Arch Enemy : Wages Of Sin

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah. After 2 days of waiting, here they are Soto. Have fun downloading XD I love Arch Enemy and Snow Bound will always remain in my heart. HAVE FUN!

  1. "Enemy Within"
  2. "Burning Angel"
  3. "Heart of Darkness"
  4. "Ravenous"
  5. "Savage Messiah"
  6. "Dead Bury Their Dead"
  7. "Web of Lies"
  8. "The First Deadly Sin"
  9. "Behind the Smile"
  10. "Snow Bound" (Instrumental)
  11. "Shadows and Dust"
Credits : Hitsugi14
For : Soto & Friends

Luzmelt's second mini album : Luz-Destination

Yeahhhh! Thanks to silentluvphobia for the rip! I enjoy the first one better than this one BUT the song la salida is really catchy =) Enjoy anyway !!

2.grief color destination
4.dazzle closet salida
Credits : silentluvphobia and EdohPewpew'sblog

dimanche 21 mars 2010

Deluhi's fool mate edition

Tracklist :

1. Two Hurt
2. Lorelei

For Leda :P

Galneryus - Quiet Wish (live)

My favorite song by Galneryus live on the dvd named LIVE FOR ALL - LIVE FOR ONE! It's sooooo epic. THERE 'S A FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM, IT'S A QUIET WISH! NOW... I expose... noble confidence in this world!!!

Stay together for the kids - Blink 182

this song.... remind me of the first chat I went on, made some friends, with the name Merry XD oh wow. good memories =)

blink-182 - All The Small Things

wouuuuuuuuuuuh! an old song that I enjoy so much XD :P it's really old but remind me of a lot of things and good memories :P as you can see this blog is not only made of japanese songs =D

Aicle - Shinzou 【PV】

I love this song so much XD I don't like Aicle's song a lot so far (I'll have to listen more to them) but I must say I like this song a lot :P and well, the PV is K-10!!!!!

Aicle - Que Sera Sera [PV] [HQ]

XD que sera sera, what ever will be, will be? Oh Doris Day =O wish you could watch this PV =D Anyway, enjoy this colorful band :P

samedi 20 mars 2010


Miyavi new pv! Dvd going on sale this June 24th! Enjoy!!

Download (song)

Versailles - The Revenant Choir

If you wish... I will become a rose! Nice lyrics, I love Kamijo's voice. Hizaki's solos are the best. the pv is quite nice. I miss jasmine you tho :O

Nega - quadranGle [PV]

*Licks a mannequin* Yayyyz! Nega is love. Their music is awesome, check out their song named reminiscence too!

Versailles - Serenade (PV)

Wouuuuuuuuuuh. Homage to Jasmine Yuu. Rest in peace! I love this song, really deep.

UnsraW - Gate of Death (pv)

Gotta love that song and Martin's reading of it's lyrics translated XD enjoys guys, gals and zombies!

abingdon boys school - JAP

Nice song, nice to dance on and be free. have fun!

ThE GazettE - Defective Tragedy (live 2006)


Wailing Wall - Screw [PV]

Oh wow. I love this song. Screw is a band I have listened for over a year now. I recommend it to every j-rocker lovers here! Have fun!!

D - 7th Rose PV [FULL]

New PV by D, enjoy!! Thanks to Masa again :P


Hi!!!!!! Miyavi is coming to the US and Canada this month of May!!! I'm going to see him on May 24th in Toronto!!!!!!!! With some friends of mine :P Going to post a review of the Show! ON HERE! If anyone's coming SEE YA THERE. Now for the dates and a sexy picture of Miyavi :


6/10 San Diego, CA / House Of Blues
6/12 Los Angeles, CA / Club Nokia
6/13 Anaheim, CA / The Grove of Anaheim
6/15 San Francisco, CA / Fillmore
6/17 Vancouver, BC / Commodore Ballroom
6/18 Seattle, WA / Showbox
6/23 Chicago, IL / House Of Blues
6/24 Toronto, ON / Sound Academy
6/25 Boston, MA / Wilbur Theatre
6/27 New York, NY / Irving Plaza
6/29 Washington, DC / 9:30 Club
7/1 Atlanta, GA / Masquerade
7/3 Dallas, TX / House Of Blues
7/4 Houston, TX / House Of Blues

Mucc - Ageha

Loooooooooooooooooooooove this pv and this band :) Enjoy!

Sadie - Ice Romancer PV

La première toune que j'ai écouté de Sadie.. Ce band est génial!

雅-miyavi- 咲き誇る華のように -Neo Visualizm-

Ma chanson préférée de Miyavi :) J'espère que tu aimes l'artiste Soto!

Selfish love [PV]

~ Yuuuup. Another nice song by miyavi!

Miyavi - Are You Ready To Rock?

Are you ready to rock? YES IN MAY!!! WOOOT!

Miyavi- Freedom Fighters

Flllleeeedom! =D

雅-miyavi- - 7 Samurai Sessions - Girls, be ambitious.

nice mix :P enjoy Soto!

Miyavi, Girls, be ambitious

La toune originale =) Un classique!

Miyavi - Itoshii Hito

Yayyyyyz! Nice song by miyavi :D

vendredi 19 mars 2010


Leur premier pv, enjoy!


Le seul clip de Mannequin! J'adore ce groupe... malheureusement en hiatus =( let's hope they make a quick comeback soon!

Dir en Grey - Cage

Un vieux clip de Diru toujours aussi bon :) J'adore le solo de basse dans cette chanson =D

jeudi 18 mars 2010

Megamasso--Throne Angel- PV

Wouuuuuuuuh! Megamasso, I love this PV and wanted to share with you guys! :)

New Dir en Grey live dvd!!!

Allllllright! Some more exciting News for you all! Dir En Grey is going to release a new live Dvd on may 26th of this year for the price of 6000 yens.
You can pre-order it online ===> here <===.
It will be entitled : 「UROBOROS -with proof in the name of living…- AT NIPPON BUDOKAN」. The show was held on january 9th and 10th of this year =)

Jean Leloup : Best of

Voici le CD de Jean Leloup, Je joue de la guitare 1985-2003, son best-of. À quoi je joue? Je joue de la guitare... je sens que j'hallucine et j'ai peur de partir comme un fou vers la mort et j'ai des grands instants de lucidididididi... =) Merci Jean! rien de plus à dire sinon que c'est un très grand artiste québécois d'origine algérienne ;D Bonne écoute.

01 - Alger (3:28)
02 - Printemps Été (2:25)
03 - Isabelle (2:50)
04 - L'amour est sans pitié (3:27)
05- Plein Gaz! (2:51)
06 - Décadence (2:08)
07 - 1990 (5:08)
08 - Cookie (2:53)
09 - Edgar (4:01)
10 - Le monde est à pleurer (4:50)
11 - Le dôme (4:36)
12 - I Lost my Baby (2:57)
13 - Johnny Go (vidéo remix) (5:28)
14 - Forest (4:14)
15 - La fin du monde est à sept heures (3:18)
16 - Fourmis (version radio) (4:37)
17 - La vie est laide (version radio) (4:56)
18 - Je joue de la guitare (version radio) (4:34)
19 - Ballade à Toronto (3:02)
20- La vallée des réputations (2:53)
21- Paradis perdu (3:44)

Credits : Hitsugi14
Pour : Billel, (et vous tous bien-sûr, mais c'est à sa demande)

thE GazettE : Nil!

Wouhhhh! Time for Gazette! Such a great band! I'll introduce this band later on, now let's LISTEN to their cd NIL! Hope you guys like it :P Thanks to Hitsugi14 for this cd, once again... A great guy, yup :P ROCK ON! for you my friend Billel :P

2) Nausea & Shudder
3) Bath Room
4) Maggots
5) Namaatatakai ame to zaratsui ta jounetsu
6) D.L.N
8) Baretta
9) Cassis
12) Taion

Credits : Hitsugi14

Miyavi - Kekkonshiki no Uta

Merci à Gackt73 pour ce upload. Un pv de Miyavi qui me fait toujours sourire =) J'espère que vous allez aimer! C'est un vraiment un grand artiste. Il a dit un jour que s'il n'était pas devenu musicien, il serait devenu un docteur, car il aime aider les gens =) Son enthousiasme, son bien-être, son sourire et son hyper-activité se font ressentir à travers sa musique et ses vidéos! AMUSEZ-VOUS BIEN!

mercredi 17 mars 2010

The Greatest Songs Ever Written

The Greatest Songs Ever Written... (by us) de NOFX est sorti en 2004. Ce disque comprend toutes les meilleures chansons choisies par le Band! Nofx est un groupe punk actif depuis 20 ans et +. J'adore ce groupe! Merci encore à Trotsky-King pour le Rip du CD, sans lui, nous serions rien!! Voici la pochette et la tracklist :

  1. "Dinosaurs Will Die"
  2. "Linoleum"
  3. "Bob"
  4. "The Separation of Church And Skate"
  5. "Murder the Government"
  6. "Bleeding Heart Disease"
  7. "Bottles To The Ground"
  8. "180 Degrees"
  9. "Party Enema"
  10. "What's The Matter With Kids Today"
  11. "Reeko"
  12. "Stickin In My Eye"
  13. "All Outta Angst"
  14. "Leave It Alone"
  15. "Green Corn"
  16. "The Longest Line"
  17. "Thank God It's Monday"
  18. "The Idiots Are Taking Over"
  19. "Don't Call Me White"
  20. "Day To Daze"
  21. "Soul Doubt"
  22. "Philthy Phil Philanthropist"
  23. "Shut Up Already"
  24. "It's My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite"
  25. "Franco Un-American"
  26. "Kill All The White Man"
  27. 27. "Wore Out The Soles Of My Party Boots"

Le groupe :

(De gauche à droite :)
Erik Sandin (Batterie)
Eric Melvin (Guitare)
Fat Mike (Compositeur, Chanteur, Bassiste)
El Hefe (Guitare)

You're The Only / Masatoshi Ono

Even though it's not the official video because there's none, it's a pretty good song by Masatoshi Ono =) I'm not thanking the uploader because she/he said some stupid stuff about his look lolz. WHO CARES! HIS VOICE ROCKS! so yeah, he is the current singer for Galneryus. he has a great voice, I wonder how it'll look in Galneryus' Songs. it's pretty hard to tell because well the songs sure fit with Yama-B's voice... anyway we'll see =D now enjoy this nice song (thanks GeneralMannie for the upload, only kidding =)


I love Galneryus!!! I hope to hear Masatoshi Ono's voice this year! new Syu solos and new Yuhki melodie + Taka the new bassist and Junichi on Drums =D ... I don't wanna give up saving you! Innnnnnnnnndeed :P Enjoy this pv!!!! 8)


Karasu is a super band formed by :

Vo: Tatsuro (from MUCC)
Gt: Hiroto (from Alice Nine.)
Gt: Mizuki (from Sadie)
Ba: dunchi (from jealkb)
Dr: kenzo (from Ayabie)

(thanks to IndoJaps for infos and upload)

They first appeared at Jackinthebox 09, so yeah, I love Tatsuro's voice 8D Mucc is so nice :P but Karasu is like one epic huge band :P Anyway, enjoy! (they only have one song so far =D)


Merci chiechie0805 :) Ce Pv est vraiment bien, j'adore Alsdead =D J'ai vraiment hâte au nouveau CD et en attendant, regardons leur deuxième Vidéo Promotionnel! (à ne pas prendre au premier degrés) Merci!!

Shinkou Shuukyou Gakudan NoGoD - Saikou No Sekai

Thanks to brom6152 for this one! Remind me a bit of Mister Heaven =O anyway NoGod is awesome!!

AFI : Crash Love Deluxe Edition

Le nouveau cd de 2009 de Afi! (Édition De luxe) Merci à Trotsky-King pour ce rip!

Disc 1 :
1. "Torch Song" 3:45
2. "Beautiful Thieves" 3:46
3. "End Transmission" 3:47
4. "Too Shy to Scream" 2:57
5. "Veronica Sawyer Smokes" 2:44
6. "Okay, I Feel Better Now" 4:31
7. "Medicate" 4:20
8. "I Am Trying Very Hard to Be Here" 2:43
9. "Sacrilege" 3:27
10. "Darling, I Want to Destroy You" 3:43
11. "Cold Hands" 3:32
12. "It Was Mine" 3:53

Disc 2 :

(source : Wikipedia)

Le groupe de gauche à droite :
Adam Carson(Drum)
Hunter (Bass)
Davey Havoc (Chant)
Jade Puget (Guitare)

mardi 16 mars 2010


Sooo hmmm yeah, after listening to it today I decided to post it here! and for my friend Mylène as well =D Enjoy!!! The full name : Gianism ~Nightmare no Kuse ni Namaikidazo

1. Believe
2. Akane
4. Over
5. M-aria
6. Mind Ocean
7. Kyokuto Ranshin Tengokou
8. Varuna
9. Flora
10. Tokyo Shounen
11. Traumerei
12. Shian
13. Tsuki no Hikari, Utsutsu no Yume
14. Travel
15. Jibun no Hana
16. Dasei Boogie
17. Raven Loud speeeaker
18. LivEVIL


Credits : Hitsugi14

lundi 15 mars 2010

Majestical Parade, NIGHTMARE!

Wooooooooooooouh! Another album by Naitomea. Yuuuuuuuup! This one is pretty good, give it a try :D
  1. Parade
  2. Can you do it?
  3. Mr. Trash music
  6. MELODY (original ver.)
  7. Cynical Re:actor
  8. Gianism Kyu
  9. Nothing you lose
  10. Lost in Blue
  11. Simple Life
  12. Chronicle
Credits : Hitsugi14

Nightmare : Killer Show Album

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo, time for some NIGHTMARE!! hell yeah! these guys rock! They rock my heart, especially Hitsugi :

(Drawn by Spader7)

God I would like to look like him XD he always been my idol since the first time I saw him. He doesn't look like it, but he's a very shy person and he likes cats a lot! Anyway, here's the album Killer Show, Last Show is a nice song to dance on =)

1. Pandra
3. the Last Show
5. Mebius no Yuutsu
6. Konoha
7. Raison d'être
9. Gianism Batsu
10. General
13. Yasokyoku

Credits : Hitsugi14

4th Single by Alsdead : Distrust

Sorti au mois de Janvier 2010, j'ai reçu ce single par la poste. J'ai été surpris de voir que je n'ai jamais eu mon BONUS TRUCK. XD j'aime comment à chaque single ils font une faute de frappe :P
Anyway, j'étais déçu un peu, mais j'aime bien dans l'ensemble.

1. Distrust
2. Vanity
3. Kizu - Accoustic Arrange-

Credits : Hitsugi14

3rd Single by Alsdead : Paradox

J'ai attendu 6 mois pour ce single XD mais il valait vraiment la peine. Le solo de Cynical est juste débile... Dans l'ensemble, il est très bon =)

1. A_Dust
2. Paradox
3. Cynical

Credits : Hitsugi14

2nd Single by Alsdead : S.a.g.A

Ce single est vraiment MALADE!!!! f-99 est une des meilleures chansons que j'ai entendu de toute ma vie... Rien de plus à dire, les cris de Maki sont débiles, tellement puissants... tellement

1. S.a.g.A
2. F-99

Credits : Hitsugi14

Dice and Joker : Mini-Album : Eternal Insanity

Here's the only release by Dice and Joker (now Alsdead)

1. Intro
2. Kairi
3. Rot from the inside
4. Eternal Insanity
5. Corpse Gate
6. PM's Insitence
7. Ash
8. No feelings reality

Credits : Alsdead14

First Album by Alsdead!!

Bonne nouvelle pour tous ceux qui aiment Alsdead! Leur premier CD sort le 16 juin 2010! Il n'y a malheureusement pas la liste des chansons de disponible, ni la pochette, mais le cd contiendra environ 10 tounes dont une qui n'a jamais été sortie avant.

Introduisons le groupe : À gauche complètement, Shin, le guitariste. À droite de lui, Reito, le Bassiste. Ensuite, Maki, le chanteur. Complètement à droite c'est Setsua, le drummeur.

Site officiel

Alsdead 1st Single : Violet of Reason

Here's the first single by Alsdead. These guy were originally called Dice & Joker, formed in 2008. They changed their name to Alsdead during decembrer 2008. This first single was release on January 2009. I first heard them on (ex Jshoxx). So yeah, I'm a really big fan of them and I hope you will like them! ENJOY!

1. V.O.R
2. Kizu

Credits : Hitsugi14

Miyavi - Survive : new song!!!

La nouvelle toune de miyavi! Il vient au Canada cette année! Je vais sûrement avoir la chance d'aller le voir en spectacle! Mon deuxième live de Jrock à vie! La nouvelle toune est géniale, give it a try guys!

1. Survive

credits : Progeny (he said we can spread it, so yeah, thanks!)

Luzmelt Mini-Album : Swallowed Scenery

This band was formed in 2010, this year. They are coming to the U.S on April 8th with Suicide Ali for the Tekkoshocon, a Anime Convention held in Pittsburgh! Wish I could go and see them =( Anyway, here's the track list :

1. En La Tierra
2. Isotope
3. Blind Scope
4. Jishoku
5. Re [l] Ight


credits : Hitsugi14

New nightmare dvd!

Bonjour bonjour!

Voilà, Nightmare, mon groupe culte de musique japonaise sort un nouveau dvd! New dvd of Naitomea =D

Le dvd s'appelle :

Nightmare 10th anniversary special act vol.1 GIANIZM - Tenma Fukumetsu -

Il coute 64 $ canadien =O c'est cher, mais on verra ce qu'on peut faire avec cela =D

Il y a aussi une édition comprenant seulement les pistes sonores et une édition spéciale DVD comprenant des photos j'imagine XD

Le tout s'est déroule le 9 janvier 2010 au Saitama Super Arena.

Il n'y a pas d'information encore sur les chansons incluses ni sur les différentes pochettes, mais il est certain que Rem_ et Love Addict vont s'y retrouver!

- Max-Dash
Source :

First Post

Grawwwwwwwr! Bienvenue/Welcome! This is my first post =O lolz. Ma première publication! Je vais consacrer ce blogue à mes poèmes, ma musique japonaise et bien-sûr me faire de nouveaux amis! Enjoy!