jeudi 29 avril 2010

Vivid : Dear :D

One epic song by them :P HAVE FUN!!!

69-II : Vivid's PV

Another good song by Vivid :P

Vivid : Across the Border pv!

One of my fav song by them :P This PV is kinda funny XD this song is POWERFUL! ENJOY!!!

mardi 27 avril 2010

Nightmare : Mary

Soft and calm song by Nightmare :D Enjoy!!!

lundi 26 avril 2010

Beyond ; 冷雨夜 LIVE

Another song, Jeep's third fav :D Thanks JP!!! you're awesome my friend :D

Beyond : 无尽空虚 live

AN EPIC song again by BEYOND, I will buy some songs by them ASAP XD they rock!!! thanks JEEP!!!!!!!!

Under a Vast Sky : Beyond


Akane Lyrics Translation (French)

Paroles sublimes d'une chanson sublime (trouvée sur Nautiljon) :

Un côté de toi a complètement changé
Des larmes de souffrances et d'inquiétudes coulent
Une chose important que j'ai faite veut faire du mal
La balance de mon coeur n'arrête pas de me secouer

Le ciel devient sombre, c'est toujours très beau
Cette illusion me rend perplexe

Il tourne à un rouge plus fou, je suis embarrassé
Mon coeur ne tremble pas
Cette ville sans coeur, je lui dis au revoir
Je veux être ressuscité

Tremblant, balançant dans le crépuscule
Je ne peux pas dormir, je ne peux pas dormir comme ça
Tremblant, balançant de vagues sentiments
Je persiste à ne pas remarquer ce désir

Négligemment dans ma poitrine, il vit ici
Je deviens un prisonnier embarrassé

Ah, le soir est encore plus rouge
Je me rappelle comment sont ces teintes
Le ciel que je ne peux pas atteindre, je regarde une personne pour un long moment
Le vide commence à déborder

Tremblant, balançant dans le crépuscule
Je ne peux pas dormir, je ne peux pas dormir comme ça
Tremblant, balançant de vagues sentiments
Je persiste à ne pas remarquer ce désir

Akane : Nightmare

My favorite PV by Nightmare, the first J-music PV I EVER listened to in my whole life :D It has a special meaning to me

Heartless : Masquerade

Some nice song by an heavy band I like too! Remind me a bit of ALSDEAD, Vajra, Valluna :P PLEASE! Take some time and listen to this song :D

The Kiddie : Soar

WOOOOOOOOOT! One of the most happy song I listened to =) I hope you guys will like it as much as I do :D I'll post some CDS later :D now, please enjoy and relax =D

samedi 24 avril 2010

Her Name In Blood : DECADENCE

Amazing song by HNIB!! Just found out about this jap band XD they're amazing :P IT AMAZE me how they are AMAZING...

vendredi 23 avril 2010

XD Funny Commercial : T'a pognes-tu? XD

Enjoy this funny commercial :P ... T'A POGNES-TU?

Michael Jackson is dead...

EVERYTHING about the media/hypocrisy of the closed-minded people are told in this video (R.I.P MJ)

jeudi 22 avril 2010

ENOUGH with the Drama : I can dance!


mercredi 21 avril 2010

Live : Versailles. Song : Prince

My favorite song by them :P the solo is awesome. ENJOY!

Versailles : Ai To kanashimi No Nocturne (live)

:) Some live of Versailles! Thanks to Masa & Champ! :)

mardi 20 avril 2010

Dir En Grey : Mushi Live

This song is love, seriously. It's the deepest song I ever listened to + it's a live version. So yeah, enjoy this sad song about suffering.

SCAPEGOAT 1st PV : Butterfly

Just found out about this band, I like it already! So far, so good, so long :P

lundi 19 avril 2010

Jean Leloup live : Laisse-Moi et Mille Excuses Milady

XD un autre live sublime du grand maitre Jean :)

Live : DEATHGAZE - Amends

Such a sad and strong song, enjoy :)

Live : Dir en grey - Hageshisa to, kono mune no

I love this song :P the video is insane XD and the live version is epic :P

Petit Slam de mon cru : Douter d'amour

Douter c'est s'effacer un peu, quoi

On laisse place à la foi, on a froid, on végète, on sait pu trop quoi s'mettre sul dos, vu le temps, qui passe...

et j'en passe, des histoires banales, qu'on entend à chaque jour,

j'tentends parler d'amour quand tu sais pas épeler ton nom, tout ce que tu sais faire c'est épiler l'coeur des hommes.

J'tentends marmonner des insultes, femmes ou hommes, on est tous pareil, à s'écouter parler, pareil à des enfants, maintenant j'vois plus clair, sacré tonnerre.

Ça résonne, on entend les réverbères, de soir, de nuit, toujours la même pluie, les mêmes ennuies, qu'on attend pour mieux donner à autrui :

Notre malaise quotidien d'être Terrien, sacré humains, toujours le sourire et le dernier mot sur la ligne.

Hallelujah by Kate Voegele (original by Leonard Cohen)

Thanks To Princess Sissi for the link =) It's a really nice and soft song and the emotions that she pours is amazing. I love this song! :D

dimanche 18 avril 2010

Onmyouza live : Oni Koroshi

Another epic song by Onmyouza!! thanks ao =D you're cool buddy!

Live : Onmyouza . Song : Rasetsu

FINALLY! I CAN FUCKING LISTEN TO YOUR SONGS AO! XD thanks because this band IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Live : Nanairo

Wooot! I love this song, it'S epic. enjoy!

samedi 17 avril 2010

Chick'n Swell : Appartement.

Quand j'vais en avoir un, c'est de même que je vais vous le faire visiter criss!

vendredi 16 avril 2010

IVY : Le vent des urnes

Mon blogue ne serait pas complet sans un peu de slam en chansons, par IVY! J'adore =D j'ai hâte d'enfin le rencontrer pour vrai le 10 mai! :D enjoy ~

Not giving a fuck!

"Not giving a fuck is awesome" nothing else to say :P

jeudi 15 avril 2010

Mirror Lyrics Translation

Lyrics Translation Mirror:

Why don't you break the MIRROR?
Just what you need now!
my instincts are begging you
Why don't you break the MIRROR?
Just what you need now!
assault it, washed in light, burst it

I can't get to move, am drowning in uneasiness
what more are you begging of me?
Don't die away
though you escape to your unwounded delusions, come back to reality

you are being wounded 3... 2... 1... to the end
until your breaths are cut off hurry on time
Don't rust away
abandon all your fears, cross into the realm you can't yet see

Why don't you break the MIRROR?
Just what you need now!in a split second, run through!
Why don't you break the MIRROR?
Just what you need now!
raise yourself and throw off those lies...

countdown to genesis further...
have no fear! right now!

Why don't you break the MIRROR?
Just what you need now!
my instincts are begging you
Why don't you break the MIRROR?
Just what you need now!
shoot out your theory

to a place no one can touch
brandish this feeling that no one can match...

D'espairsRay : Mirror (live)

Wooooooooooooot! I love this song XD sorry I didn't post for like 2 days, but I've been busy and I busted my internet limit so I can't download/upload really for the moment! Sorry! Please watch this video and forgive me :D

mardi 13 avril 2010

The Man Who Chose To Smile : Paul Collier

Thanks to Miss S. for this soft song, it does calm the fuck down out of me XD thanks again and relax =) Please support the artist : Paul Collier's Official Website and it's really cheap XD 1,73 Can for 1 song =D enjoy!

lundi 12 avril 2010

Felony : Lyrics + Translation by antares

So yeah I found the lyrics of the song Felony by Born + the translation, I hope you guys/gals will like it! Enjoy and thanks again to Antares for the translation!

Felony lyrics :

The affection play which doesn’t exist…..
Aesthetics of a denial..


光彩の台詞浴びて笑う君 滑稽だね

The affection play which doesn’t exist…

Punishment of burial.

揺らぎ灯す 甘く淡い日々に彼女は恋焦がれ縋り寄る 薄汚い露欲で求めないで



首筋に赤黒く焼き憑いてる 識別の爪痕

揺らぎ灯す 黒き淡い日々に目隠しの彼女が笑ってる 偽愛でも構わない 口癖のように



I love you…forever…?
Because a lie is fine…



Felony lyrics Translated :

The affection play which doesn’t exist…..
Aesthetics of a denial..

Fickle synchronization of an unripe fruit,
Don’t wish for something like a beautiful future,

You who smiles when showered with brilliant lines are ridiculous,
In reality, I want to shower you with vomit,

You who wants a vow are outside the norm,
The affection play which doesn’t exist…
Don’t touch me

Punishment of burial.

In those flickeringly illuminated, sweet, fleeting days
she desperately longed for me, clung to and leaned on me,
Don’t demand with filthy blatant greed



Burned dark red into my neck, the scratches of discrimination,
Don’t demand anything anymore

In those flickeringly illuminated, sweet, fleeting days
she was smiling blindfolded,
“I don’t care if it’s a fake love”, I say as if it were my favorite phrase

I LOVE you from my heart!


I love you…forever…?
Because a lie is fine…


Credits : antares found here
thanks you!

Max loves Born : Felony

Max loves Born NOW XD The song Felony is brilliant! Watch it! It's a must!

dimanche 11 avril 2010

Lyrics : ETHS : Crucifère

=D here's the lyrics of Crucifère by ETSH a french metal band, enjoy! (the singer is fucking hot)

Je ne m'entends plus.
Je ne m'en sors plus !
Aide-moi, rien qu'une autre fois !
J'ai mâché mes mains.
Je ne sens plus rien.
Éteints moi !
Je sais la vérité, l'ai toujours honorée.
Je sais la vérité, je l'ai toujours détestée.
Non, je ne veux plus m'asseoir.
Ma vie n'était qu'un rêve.
L'amertume s'amoncelle.
Je prie d'être irréelle.
Nos veines ruissellent.
Envahissent ma tête et je crève.
J'ai cassé la beauté, effacé, gratté, cessé d'exister.
Non, je ne veux plus m'asseoir.
Plus envie de te voir prés de moi, non !
Enclin disgracieux.
J'irais brûler mes ailes.
Mutation corporelle.
Je m'aime facétieuse.
Démons malins galopent.
Si beaux, sur leurs chevaux m'enveloppent.
Enlevez-moi !
L'armée d'infidèle me saisira.
Non ! J'ai sali les amants de ma langue de serpent.
J'ai enflammé nos chairs avec nos amours passées.
J'ai pleuré les avants, la rage des pères.
J'ai brûlé nos bancs, de toute ma haine, je me lève.
Rien, envie du sien de bien.
Rien, envie de moins de bien.
Plus envie de nos devoirs là-bas !
Plus envie de te voir prés de moi !
Ce que tu ne peux sentir.
Tu n'as pas compris.
Tout ce qui me fait languir.
Tu n'as pas compris.
La vérité, tu ne l'as pas comprise.
M'a rattrapée, tu n'as pas compris : J'y crois encore.

ETHS : Crucière

Woooot! A french metal band =D Crucifière is not even a word XD but oh well, I guess they invented it. Thanks to Jesus-Christ Rock N' Roll for making me discover another and another, one another god damn BAND!

Masaaki Endoh : God Knows cover

I really like this song originally made by Aya Hirano =) It's a great cover once again :D Thanks to the Other Max for the link, again and again, and on AND ON! :)

Masaaki Endoh - Go Go Power Rangers (cover)

WOOOT! Everyone knows the Power Rangers right? Well this guy made an epic cover XD thanks Other Max for spamming me videos on Msn! :D

Masaaki Endoh : Sousei No Aquarion

Woooot! One of the singer in Jam Project =) This song is nice, thanks to the Other Max, my nemesis! =D

Galneryus : Ending of RAINBOW

I posted about Galneryus's new song some time ago, so yeah it was used in the Anime RAINBOW, here's the ED =) enjoy even though it's the same song! Thanks to the other Max for the info =)

Coldrain : Fiction

Thanks to the other Max for making me discover this band :P another band by the label VAP (same as Nightmare) so yeah, sounds good so far =D Give it a try!

Bee Gees : Stayin' alive


samedi 10 avril 2010

Suicide Ali : Dai 4 no Walz

Tracklist :
01.Road of the wing
02.Aoi ookami ga mita zekkei
04.Kaze no slave
07.Fuefuki douji
08.Revandish Ring

Credits : Delkmiroph

So yeah I really like this album, the last song is really special XD Try it! It worth the try definitely!

Acid Black Cherry : Jigsaw PV

Sooo yeah, here's Yasu's (Janne da Arc singer) solo project! Yeah, I love this song :D enjoy!

JAM Project : Crest of Z's LIVE

Woooooooooooooooah! A lot of people live on a stage, they would make good JAM. HAHAHAHAHAHA. ok not that funny, thanks again to Mister-Penguin-Zomfg-pewpew for making me discover this band =D

Janne Da Arc : Lunatic Gate

Woooooooooooot! Thanks To KaiserPenguinOverLord for the link =D I love this band =)

Oasis : Wonderwall

A really soft song that I enjoy and it's not japanese! OH GOD, HE CAN LIKE OTHER MUSIC WHICH ARE NOT JAPANESE. Hell yeah that I can XD anyway, enjoy gals! and guys. =D

Download (song only)
For : Soto

Aikaryu : Susume! Pirates

LOL! A pirate song, YAR! EPIC! =D enjoy.

Frantic EMIRY: World End

Wooot! Daizystripper's alter ego band. I like them more than their original :P The solo is awesome and the dress are sublime. Enjoy =)

Dear or Alive : You Spin Me Round

OMG! this is the song that remind me of Love is Dead's ambiance

9Goats Black Out : Negai PV

New song off their new album, it's a soft and deep song. I'll give this band another chance 8D

Aikaryu - Kyuuketsu PV

Weird PV XD but I like this song :P Thanks to Ao for making me discover this band :) I'll have to listen more of it though before making an opinion about this band! 8D so far I like it, enjoy this PV!

jeudi 8 avril 2010

Jon Lajoie and the radio

Video DID killed the radio stars... XD anyway enjoy this DEEP song.

Jon Lajoie & Chatroulette

WOOOT! new song by Jon Lajoie!!! XD epic as ever!

Exactly like Max

This one too! =D

Kinda Look Like Max

Because Bianca said that this video kinda look like me. Yeah, the video can.


Wooot! Live version of Blood! I posted the pv not so long ago, here's the live version! Enjoy!!!

Miyavi : Survive Studio Live

So yeah, more of miyavi =D he did a studio live some days ago, here's Survive =D it's such a nice song :P

mercredi 7 avril 2010

Asagi : Cornivus

Yayyyz! The only PV by Asagi, D's singer solo project! It's a nice song, remind me a bit of Linkin Park's Nobody's Listening track off the album Meteora, well at least, the riff before the chorus in Asagi's song and the chorus in LP's song =) Have fun!

dimanche 4 avril 2010

D'espairsRay : Squall

My favorite song by D'espairsRay! I hope you will like it too!


New Pv by DEATHGAZE! enjoy!!! :D

Lycaon : The End Of Delusion PV

Wooooot! Lycaon, a nice band, please have fun while listening to this song!

Dio - Distraught Overlord - : God Forsaken

God I love this band XD thanks to Kanhoa who got me into this great band!! =) Enjoy this song :)


Wow! I just found out about this band, I heard some songs some time ago, but right now I really got into this song XD I love his voice and his growls, it seems to be a great band =) Enjoy!

samedi 3 avril 2010

Galneryus : Taste of a new song and NEW ALBUM

Woooooooooot! FINALLY NEWS FOR GALNERYUS! A new album is Coming on June 23th named RESURRECTION / I can't wait to hear the whole album with this new band's composition! ENJOY!! WOOT I'm happy! The song sounds good so far and Sho's voice fits in! Yes!!

Here's a new pic of the band : =)


vendredi 2 avril 2010

Alsdead : CYNICAL


Galneryus : Requiem

Woot, this song is awesome =D

Afi : days of the pheonix

Heres afi with DAYS OF THE PHEONIX