mardi 4 mai 2010

My Room Part 2 : The wall beside my bed. OMFG (REQUESTED BY AO)

OH MY GAWD, N-M stole my pics! They created war machina and want to take over the PIC WORLD! let's stop them before they become EVIL! XD here's my beside BED WALL!

L'arc~en~ciel BANNER, I love it =)

Unsraw! Although I'm not a big fan of them I love their look :P

Miyavi!!! Going to see him on JUNE 24TH with my two good & REAL friends :)

LM.C!!! ALWAYS bring me the smile back on my face when I'm down :D

9 GOATS BLACK OUT! They are on Hiatus =( I wish I could get to know their songs better before they went on hiatus, I hope they'll come back!

MY CRAPPIES printed pictures XD Matenrou Opera on top left, next to it are Dir En Grey :P Below them is GACKT and next to Gackt are D=OUT !

Other crappy printed pics XD THE GAZETTE On the left corner, below is OZ (one member is missing stupid Printer XD) next to OZ is DELUHI! one epic band :P Up to DELUHI are RENTRER EN SOI unfortunately disbanded (Satsuki is now on a solo project, Mika have his own project too : Forbidden Days Rhapsody and Shun sings in two of his songs : HANDCUFF & LAVATEIN)

Sorry the pic is pretty bad XD was too lazy to take another one. Nega is on top and just below is MANNEQUIN, one of my favorite band :P

The wall beside my bed on it's whole look! (yeah they're some chicks XD Jessica Alba, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alissa Milano, etc :P)

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