mardi 4 mai 2010

MY ROOM PART 4 : the last one, the rest of the crap! (REQUESTED BY AO)

So yeah =( That's it for my room (no pic of my bed, it was messed up XD) I hope you guys enjoyed this little trip and I hope you're satisfied AO :D (you're welcome :P) now it'll be your turn to show me your GIANT PICS of HIZAKI and VERSAILLES :D

The french Magazine I got my VERSAILLES, LM.C, 9 GOATS BLACK OUT, SCREW & UNSRAW posters :D a nice mag, not much articles, but still worth the 13$

POSTAL CARDS! You may pic one XD I'll send them to you when I have the time :P

My library, bunch of crap and books :D

THE MANGA I HAVE TO READ! I finished CHOBITS now with FRUITS BASKET and L'alchimiste :D

MY COMP! my speakers and my sub LOGITECH, nice quality :P and well the page is of course, EDOH'S website, the best blog on the whole internet :P


Another view :P

Pictures of ALSDEAD! REITO, MAKI, SHIN, SETSUA! and the whole band in the BACK

I hope you guys liked this little trip :P *shed a tear or two*
I LOVE YOU GUYS/GALS :D thanks for visiting my blog and keep on J-ROCKING THE WHOLE WORLD!


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