mercredi 1 septembre 2010

Matenrou Opera saves Max!



I will receive my Dvd : Emergence from Cocoon -Tour Final Live Film- "Birth Of Genesis"
next week!


I start school on the 7th, so it should arrive that day or the one after XD

They will save me!

'Cause I called them ;) before drowning.

I will probably up it on the net after I find out how XD well if some of you wants it.
I'll give the password and stuff, lalala.
I want you guys to be able to watch it too!
But not idiots who don't care about me and only want my dvd, of course not =O

Anywayz XD

Here's the tracklist :

2. Murder Scope
3. Denno Paranoia
4. Lawn Daisy
5. Kagayakeru Sekai
6. Shinkiro
7. Tenjo eno Kakehashi wo
8. Utopia
9. Last Game
10. Hiai to Melancholy
11. EVE
13. Ruri-iro de Egaku Niji
14. Eternal Symphony
15. honey drop

I'll probably buy their upcoming mini-album XD or ask it for x-mas. or something. XD

Anyway! Life is good, and Matenrou Opera will light it!

I wanted to share this with you guys,
or with myself, who knows :D

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