jeudi 2 septembre 2010

Poésie = Poetry

Old Poem : 2009 for an unknown girl ;

If you like this poem, please comment, I would really appreciate it!!!

Dancing memories

Memories from the past

Let me rest in you at last.

I can breathe your love

And the beauty you’re made of ~

Shall we dance?

Take my hand

We’ll burst in the flames of our dance,

Step by step. And then

We’ll be the eternal couple.

And then we’ll create

Our story, one page after another:

Our destiny, our faith.

Kiss my lips, let’s feel each others ~

Memories of our very first kiss,

Under the never setting sun,

Clouds flying away until they’re gone.

A moment that we’ll miss…

Moments of joy and happiness

Holding you tightly

I won’t let you go so easily.

You won’t run away from me:

I’ll hold your arm without hurting you.

I don’t want you to fade from me

I’ll keep you by my side without any mess…

I won’t hurt you, I won’t hurt you ~

Memories of you

In my head, in my heart.

I hope that there’s a place for me in your heart.

I can’t hurt you:

I’m just here to love you…

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