mardi 14 septembre 2010

Quote of the Day 1.1


I'll post another one, a little more serious.

So we could have one stupid and one serious. Yeah!!!

Just because you ain't afraid to die doesn't mean you should - Shin Kyoshiro Toshiharu

(Yeah, refers to Ain't Afraid to Die by Dir En Grey)

Thanks To Natsu for this one!
and his friend, of course :D

EDIT : But let's face it : we will all die one day.
Life is a gift we should cherish :)
Prepared to face it and actually killing yourself are two different things.
It could refer also to not being afraid of anything anymore.
What scares most of people here is death.
We often deny the fact that we will die and when someone dies, we cry.

Elsewhere, it's a cycle. When someone dies, they make a big party because death is a part of life. They accept it. It's not that they don't care or so :)

"I'm not afraid to die when I see the reflection of myself in your eyes" :O

Anyway XD feel free to comment back ~

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