dimanche 19 septembre 2010

Quote of the day 6

Okay here is my Quote of the day :D its a bit about religion and it's a bit nasty :D

It's about Maria ... well some of you may have a friend call'd Maria that's why i like this song a lot and my friend Maria is really hot... so yeah :3 anyways it could be about the "holy mother" Maria well the fact is pretty funny anyways :

MARIA, the pleasure reason for our oral exchange is insult and a sanctuary
The reverse cross that dresses up the red cellar
Heartbeat and Breath drowning in the sweet frui (Lycaon - Alejandro)

Fact : The holy mother Maria was a whore and spited inside of the mouth of the guy with that she makes out with ? o_o (hmm.. so maybe my friend Maria can do the same... i may ask .... would be maybe yummy *-*)

and Here is a pic that looks like the Holy Mother Maria in form of Pidgeon poo that was taken by me xD

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