samedi 25 décembre 2010

We're in a Jungle PART II

I received Donkey Kong Country Returns for X-MAS!

It's quite awesome :P It fits well my new skin and colors XD

Anyway, it's the same old story.

Donkey & Diddy gets their bananas stolen by some bad guys (masked guys who takes upon jungle fellows)

Your mission? Retrieve the puzzle pieces, K O N G letters and some other stuff XD (I'm only @ the third world)

There's also the counter time option where you have to beat the level within the limit time to earn the gold medal, silver or bronze.

Anyway, it's quite fun!

Tomorrow I'm going to rent the two 20th century boys movies!!

And well, I'm listening to Deluhi's live dvd.

It's sick. XD the farthest live is pretty amazing.

The drum solo was soso, but still pretty good!

I love it so far :)

Have fun!


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