dimanche 14 avril 2013


Hello! Oh my god, it's been ages I haven't post here! WOW! I had problems with my logins because of my cellphone, you know when you have to enter the code they send you on your cellphone but the thing is that the number doesn't exist anymore? This is what happened to me and I wasn't able to log on my old facebook account, I had to create another one.

I've been giving this blog address to countless people and I'm happy to see you here!

I'm back to school! and starting this autumn I'll be studying full-time @ UQAM university!

I'll try to post my poems, both in french and in english here as well as PVs, songs or other nice things!

Gosh I've missed this blog,

please treat me well!

Also, if you want to contact me, please do to my new email : maximedagenais14@live.fr

- M@X

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